Coming Up for Air — Families Speak to Families about Addiction

By Allies in Recovery

This podcast series addresses topics relevant to families dealing with a loved one's addiction.

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1. Podcast #61 Laurie's Internal Journey: 

In today's episode of Coming Up for Air, Dominique Simon-Levine asks Laurie MacDougall to share with us what was going through her mind when she realized her son was struggling with an opiate disorder. 

From being naive and thinking her family would never be affected by addiction, to finding help in peer support and relief in educating herself. From experiencing depression and PTSD, to getting her life back by hitting 90 meetings in 90 days. From finding CRAFT and Allies in Recovery, to dedicating her life to helping families feel empowered. From driving around all night looking for her son, to figuring out how to let the negative and obsessive feelings wash over her.

In this episode, Laurie delivers a beautiful and powerful account of the trials and tribulations of a mother fighting to heal her son and heal herself.


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