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REST – Resources Education Support Together

Our program for families

The REST program empowers families through education, support and access to training and resources. The program is for adults 18 years and older. The only requirement for attendance is to have a loved one living with a substance use disorder.

REST is changing the narrative and redefining the role of families who struggle with a Loved One’s Substance Use Disorder. The challenge for the family is to learn to influence and direct a Loved One into treatment, recovery, or simply a better life.

 Families are:

  • Not powerless over themselves and their responses

  • Not powerless over influencing their Loved Ones to the path of recovery and/or treatment

Hitting “rock bottom” is:

  • Dangerous

  • Not one particular event in time but a learning process, a grouping of events that an individual has the potential to learn from

If families can:

  • Effect change boundaries and following through

  • Set boundaries and a compassionate, caring and firm way that supports personal values and understanding all at the same time

 Join us and learn a revolutionary new approach to Substance Use Disorder!

Resources Education Support Together

EMPOWERING families through education, support and access to training and resources

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