Dominique Simon-Levine, PhD, is the Founder and CEO of Allies in Recovery, a website launched in 2003, that serves families of those struggling with Substance Use disorder. Her work has been featured on HBO and NPR. She has worked extensively developing and evaluating federally-funded substance use programs for organizations and clinics throughout Massachusetts and New York.

Laurie MacDougall, BA,CFPS, Podcast Host & Guest Author, is the Executive Director of REST, a Rhode Island non-profit educational organization for families and friends with a Loved One with SUD. REST uses the CRAFT based curriculum on the Allies website. She is a former high school math teacher and brings both her teaching  skills and personal experience to facilitating. She is a Certified Family Peer Specialist in the state of Rhode Island. Laurie often writes blogs for the Allies website and she is the co-host of the podcast, Coming Up for Air.

Ana Bess Moyer Bell, MA, RDT,  is a master's level clinician and Drama Therapist. She is the founder and Executive Director of COAAST, a RI based non-profit, with the mission to eradicate the opioid epidemic through arts-based, educational, therapeutic, and community-driven approaches. She specializes in treating: trauma, grief, and Substance Use Disorder. She has practiced and taught drama therapy nationally and internationally.

is a learning platform for families with Loved One with Substance Use Disorder. REST uses the AIR Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) curriculum as an educational resource. Register for your complementary membership by clicking "If your state, employer or care provider is sponsoring your membership" then entering the code RESTRI when prompted for the Promo Code. Select the sponsoring Organization: REST Rhode Island

Bribes, Incentives and Reinforcing Positive Behavior: What's the Difference?

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